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Re: Third Jurassic Park Movie Coming in 2000

Maybe this is a good time for me to list all my top pet peeves about
the Juassic Park films:

-- The violence (I'm very sorry the idea for a _Dinotopia_ movie has
      fallen by the wayside, as I would really love to see a dinosaur movie
        that you can actually take your kids to see)

-- The unimaginativeness of the restorations (Granted, you have to give them
        credit for depicting non-dragging tails, Ornithopod cheeks, etc.
        for the first time in a Hollywook flick, but to make all the dinos
        a uniform shade of dull brown??)

-- The very limited screen time for the non-monsters (The best scenes in the
        two films are thing like the "stampede" of _Gallimimus_, but I
        recognize that this kind of imaginative things are harder to write 
       than cheap horror scenes...)

-- The demonization of *all* the theropods (We all know _T. rex_ and
_Velociraptor_ were nasty guys, but a vicious _Compsognathus_???  
        I suppose the next film will feature a homicidal _Hypsilophodon_...
        Anyway, I'm starting to fear that the Dinosaur Renaissance *is* in 
        jeopardy as Danvarner says, since thanks to these films people seem 
        to be drifting back to regarding dinosaurs as vile reptilian monsters.)

                                  -- Dave

 Dave Hardenbrook, DaveH47@delphi.com, http://people.delphi.com/DaveH47/  
   "I like to define humor as the affectionate communication of insight."

                        -- Leo Rosten, introduction to
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