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Re: Wading Caudipteryx

How about a wader for frogs-so it would be feeding near shore but
standing in the water?
It would not necessarily feed at the depths it's feet were (thus no need
of a very long neck), if it were catching stuff in reeds and other marsh

-Betty Cunningham

Jaime A. Headden wrote:
>   It is also interesting to note that *Caudipteryx* has unserrated,
> needle-like teeth that project forward in the its jaws, much as many
> fish-eating animals do, including supposed fish-eating pterosaurs.
> Unfortunately, the neck seems a bit short, not one you would expect
> for a small-headded, long-legged wader, where the neck needs to reach
> the water with the legs relatively strait. But of course the animal
> could always plunge forward, knees flexing dramatically in a
> split-second strike at some fish. . . .
>   A wader? No doubt. One would think there _had_ to be waders back then!