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Re: Third Jurassic Park Movie Coming in 2000

Mr. Rey, or Dr. as the case may be, I don't just direct this message at
you, but all those "professionals" much too good for the general
population. The ones who have created this fabulous black market in
fossils because they think that THEY should be the only ones allowed to
collect fossils and the ones that come down hard on Speilburg.Get with it!
Speilburg makes millions while you make a pittance because he hasn't lost
his imagination. He can still think like the excited kid you used to be,
and don't try to tell me that the cladistics of protosauropods first
attracted you to paleontology. Be honest! It was a nasty therapod biting
through somebody's nostril.The pizazz comes first, then the deep love of
Stephen Faust                   smfaust@edisto.cofc.edu

On Tue, 30 Jun 1998, luisrey wrote:

> ><< Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment will produce a third
> > "Jurassic Park" motion picture
> >One Question:
> >WHY?!?
> They needed a new job post for Godzilla. I'm sure it will be THAT realistic
> (this time it will probably be feathered).
> It will also include a twister, a  cheap-looking tsunami, taming a volcano
> in the middle of the city and at the end it will show the second extintion
> of the dinosaurs by a deep-impacting asteroid that will blow the Earth to
> pieces.
> Alas, the dinosaurs will survive saved by Batman and a sampling alien race
> visiting the fourth of July.
> John Williams will do the soundtrack of course (somehow the Star Wars tune
> played backwards).
> And the X-rated version will be even better.
> Luis Rey
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