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Re: Third Jurassic Park Movie Coming in 2000

Agree with the limited time for non - monsters. Walking through a
Jurassic or Cretaceous world would avail you of non - lethal experiences
that would knock your socks off. Some of the scenes in the first movie
conveyed that idea as you point out.Suspense would be the order of the day
because you would know what's out there. You could play up the adventure,
but it would be hard to play down the violence. Theater goers want it,
including most kids beyond 5th grade, and any encounter with a therapod
would have a violent outcome.As a writer, producer, whatever, I would keep
the story on an island or in a natural setting, things get corney when you
bring dinosaurs to Los Angeles.


Stephen Faust                   smfaust@edisto.cofc.edu

On Tue, 30 Jun 1998, Dave L. Hardenbrook wrote:

> Maybe this is a good time for me to list all my top pet peeves about
> the Juassic Park films:
> -- The violence (I'm very sorry the idea for a _Dinotopia_ movie has
> apparently
>       fallen by the wayside, as I would really love to see a dinosaur movie
>       that you can actually take your kids to see)
> -- The unimaginativeness of the restorations (Granted, you have to give them
>       credit for depicting non-dragging tails, Ornithopod cheeks, etc.
>       for the first time in a Hollywook flick, but to make all the dinos
>       a uniform shade of dull brown??)
> -- The very limited screen time for the non-monsters (The best scenes in the
>       two films are thing like the "stampede" of _Gallimimus_, but I
>       recognize that this kind of imaginative things are harder to write 
>        than cheap horror scenes...)
> -- The demonization of *all* the theropods (We all know _T. rex_ and
> _Velociraptor_ were nasty guys, but a vicious _Compsognathus_???  
>       I suppose the next film will feature a homicidal _Hypsilophodon_...
>       Anyway, I'm starting to fear that the Dinosaur Renaissance *is* in 
>       jeopardy as Danvarner says, since thanks to these films people seem 
>       to be drifting back to regarding dinosaurs as vile reptilian monsters.)
>                                 -- Dave
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