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Re: Metriacanthosaurus

At 01:44 PM 2/27/98 PST, Larry Dunn wrote:
>Would someone familiar with theropod anatomy please take a peek at the 
>following page:
>and comment on the accuracy of the life restoration?  Feel free to do so 
>offlist if you prefer.  I am unfamiliar with Metriacanthosaurus and am 
>interested in knowing if this is an accurate restoration; it certainly 
>is a handsome sculpture.

The taxon in question is listed as "Metriacanthosaurus shangyouensis".  In
other words, it was what most authors (?including Greg Paul, who was the
first to transfer the species) would call Yangchuanosaurus shangyouensis.

Unlike the very fragmentary Metriacanthosaurus, Yangchuanosaurus is known
from a lot of the skeleon.  This restoration closely follows Greg Paul's
excellent restoration.

(As a side note, Speilberg & Crichton likely followed the same generic
reference in "Jurassic Park", as "Metriacanthosaurus" is one of the dinosaur
taxa whose DNA vials Newman..., er, I mean Nedry steals.  Presumably, S & C
were thinking about M. shangyouensis, which is on the cover of Predatory
Dinos of the World, rather than M. parkeri).

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