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Oviraptorosaurs, and the Numbers That Love 'Em

  I would like to know the specimen numbers of the following 

 1.  The lone, elongated skull of *Ingenia*, pictured in _National
     Geographic_ (Jul-96)

 2.  The spineless (and cowardly, too) *Oviraptor* sitting on her nest

 3.  The Chinese Gobi *Oviraptor* and nest described by Currie et al.

 4.  The *Oviraptor* embryo and nest Norell just "happened" to stumble 

 5.  The [sub-adult] *Oviraptor* with the low (stunted?) nasal crest,
     pictured in _National Geographic_ (Jul-96)

 6.  The *Oviraptor* with the complete precaudal skeleton pictured in
     Audubon with the *Sinosauropteryx* pictures

  This info would be very greatly appreciated.

Jaime A. Headden

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