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Re: [RE: Origins of flight]

In a message dated 98-04-30 03:17:53 EDT, archosaur@usa.net writes:

<< This was brought up before, so I'll just say those fish and frogs fly, but
they don't ornithop. >>

I'm still trying to figure out whether the verb should be "ornithopt" or
"ornithopter," as in, "birds are specialized for ornithopting" or "birds are
specialized for ornithoptering." Because, you see, the "er" ending does >not<
denote the performer of an action, but belongs with the "pt" from the Greek
"pter," meaning wing. An "ornithopter" is a device so called because its
propulsive units flap like bird's wings, just as a "helicopter" is a device so
called because it has rotating wings. I'm leaning toward "ornithoptering."