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darren.naish@port.ac.uk wrote:
> I just picked this up during a stay in London (dugring which Luis
> and I got to meet Beri K and see just how big _Dacentrurus_ really
> was)..
> PARKINSON, J. 1930. _The Dinosaur in East Africa_. Witherby (London).
> I was previously unaware of this book - has anyone heard of it
> before? It includes lots of stuff on the Tendaguru excavations and
> the discoveries made by the German teams there. Also mentions, often
> in passing, a fair bit of stuff that never got further attention or
> (to my knowledge) detailed description. For example, p. 132 mentions
> '.. a metacarpal bone of a bird, which Professor Stremme considers is
> likely to be allied to _Archaeopteryx_'. A possible Tendaguru
> archaeopterygid? Is there _any_ reference to this find elsewhere?
Yes, its...
Janensch, W. 1914. Ubersicht uber die Wirbeltierfauna der
Tendaguru-Schichten. Arch. Biontol. III: 81-110.

It's about a paragraph or two, but no figure or picture.

I've been telling Chiappe, Larry Witmer and others about it. I've even
photo copied the pages and sent it to them, but I haven't hear anything
from them. 

Even if it's a theropod, it a very small one. It may have been destroyed
during WWII.