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Re: Palaeontologists

Dann Pigeon wrote:
>How about Heber Longman? He gave us two of Australia's largest
>dinosaurs (Rhoetosaurus, Austrosaurus), one of the largest
>pliosaurs (Kronosaurus), and I don't doubt any number of other
>palaeontological contributions.

Longman was just one of a whole wave of pioneering  Australian vert.
palaeontologists in early 20th century all of whose contributions are
invaluable. As a West Aussie I have to give honours to L. Glauert...He
pretty much almost single-handedly gave us the Mammoth Cave collection
(W.A.'s biggest and best Pleistocene mammal collection) by pretty much
working in his own time.

 Was Platypterygius longmani named
>by him originally, or is it named in his honour as I suspect?

Named in his honour...Platypterygius longmani was named by Mary Wade in
1990 to cover Queensland ichthyosaurian material previously referred to as
P. australis (McCoy 1867, who gave no illustrations and next to no useful
data in the description).

Brian Choo.