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At 03:44 AM 4/29/98 EDT, you wrote:
>In a message dated 98-04-29 03:20:32 EDT, endocrin@opera.iinet.net.au writes:
><< In a discussion of modes of locomotion in prosauropods I've come across the
> term "medi-portal", but can't find it in any dictionary I've consulted. If
> anyone can translate it into plain english for me, I'd appreciate it. >>
>My guess is that this describes anatomy and/or locomotion style intermediate
>between graviportal (for slower, heavy animals) and cursorial (for faster,
>lightweight animals).

Precisely: it describes animals with limbs primarily adapted for bearing
weight and have few adaptations for speeds, such as rhinoceratidae,
_Hippopotamus_, and brontotheres.  For details, see: Coombs, W.P., Jr. 1978.
Theoretical aspects of cursorial adaptations of dinosaurs. Quat. Rev.
Biology 53: 393-418.

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