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Re: body size and the species/genus ratio

I just wanted to point out that Jack Horner- shall we say- came late to
his credentials.  Did he have the same professional discourtesy awarded
him before he became 'accredited' as is being discussed currently about
Grep Paul?

-Betty Cunningham

Tony Canning wrote:
Dave or Colette wrote:
> > The way that credentials came into this discussion is that it was suggested
> > that Greg Paul did not have any "scientific" credentials.  Presumably this
> > is supposed to justify giving his ideas less credence.
> If Greg Paul uses scientific method, which he does, he is a practicing
> scientist and deserves to be respected as such.  It doesn't matter what
> degrees one does or doesn't have, nor what one does for a living - the
> knowledge and understanding are what matters.  A degree or three is the
> USUAL route for getting started down the road of scientific knowledge
> but is not the only valid route.   In fact, the degree route is the EASY
> way...
> Best of luck with the mammal problem..
> Tony