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Re: Mid Jurassic Angiosperms?

Mike Styzen  Shelf Expl, 588-4308 wrote:
> I just read an article from the April 3 issue of Science.  The author,
> Dong Ren, discusses fossils of apparently nectar eating flies from the
> Late Jurrassic of Asia.  He considers this to be evidence that
> angiosperms arose in the Middle Jurrassic and were flourishing by the
> Late Jurrassic.  If this is so, maybe dinosaurs were munching flowers
> much earlier than we thought.
> Mike
        This would be really interesting and significant news if the 
basal sedimentary intercalation of the Yixian Formation in Beipiao where 
Ren collected the specimens was in fact Tithonian in age as he claims...

        Interesting that he only cites his own work as support for a 
Tithonian age for these strata...

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