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Daspletosaurus life restoration

To all:

I am working on a much-needed revision of my _Daspletosaurus_ family rendering
(the very inaccurate drawing can currently be seen at Mike Keesey's web
pages).  I have prepared a sketch of the main tyrannosaur figure as it will
appear in the revised drawing.  I want to make sure there are no glaring
errors present (so hopefully I won't have to revise it again in the near
future).  If any of you on the list would like to review my sketch and point
out any errors, please e-mail me off-list so I can send it to you.  It's in
GIF format. 

Also, are any good skeletons of tyrannosaur youngsters (not hatchlings,
rather, ones that can follow their parents around)?  I need to know so I can
make my hypothetical Daspletosaurus youngsters as realistic as possible (which
they obviously aren't right now).  

Thanks in advance for any help.

Rachel Clark