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Taxonomy thread

Concerning the taxonomy thread . . .

In the past, I've found that when two people A and B are arguing about
something, and A is trying to convince B that B is wrong, and B isn't
budging, there are several possible explanations.

1) B knows something A doesn't.

2) B is too stupid to understand A's explanations.

3) B understands perfectly well, but doesn't want to admit he's wrong.

4) A and B are not talking about the same thing.

5) A and B _are_ talking about the same thing, but are taking two
fundamentally different approaches to the subject.

I find it extremely interesting that out of at least twenty messages to
me on the 'taxonomy' topic, written by at least five different people
over several days, *no one* even considered any explanation besides #2.

Very interesting indeed, ye-es...

-- JSW