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_Complete Dinosaur_ kicks ischium [was Re: Understanding names (long)]

Larry Dunn wrote:
>A good recent example is the Farlow Complete 
>Dinosaur  -- probably not much new there for the pro [...]
        Actually, I have heard at least one professional comment on how
useful some of the chapters were. Said individual is been exploring topics
in dinosaur paleontology outside of his ordinary range of expertise, and
found several of the chapters helpful in providing a framework within which
to pursue his further research.
        And, on a more personal note, for those of us who aren't quite up to
the professional level yet some of the chapters can highlight smaller points
we may have missed in reading the primary literature (especially those of us
who have been kept from researching dinosaurs by more pressing assignments).
        The book is, in many ways, a fine companion to _The Dinosauria_. Or,
at least, it is a more accessable source from which layfolk can move on to
explore more technical volumes like _The Dinosauria_.
        And it has lots of Greg Paul reconstructions!


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