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Rachel Clark wrote:

> Science Year is an annual supplement to the World Book encyclopedia set,
> occasionally featuring dinosaur-related articles.  This article is about,
> well, the animals that lived during the Jurassic, but I suppose Bakker
> couldn't resist sneaking in some of his new names.  He mentions the new
> _Apatosaurus_ (= Brontosaurus of his usage, of course), but doesn't note a
> species name (which we now know is _A. yahnahpin_).  Also mentioned are two
> non-Jurassic dinosaurs:
> "In 1992, Robert Gaston, volunteering for the Price museum, discovered two
> creatures that lived just after the end of the Jurassic.  One was the predator
> _Utahraptor_ ("Utah's raptor), a 6-meter (20-foot) killer with sharp-edged
> claws on its forelimbs and feet.  The other was the herbivore _Gastonia_, a
> one-ton, bony dino-tank."

Maybe Rachel just mispoke when she wrote "Bakker couldn't resist sneaking
in some of his new names", but weren't these dinos named and described by
Jim Kirkland?

Brian (franczak@ntplx.net)