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Re: dinosaur mailing list administrative message

mrowe@sunflower.bio.indiana.edu wrote concerning an amendment to the 
list administrative message.

I suggest the following modification (indicated in all caps for clarity 

>//      e) irritating other members of the list
>// I'm not comfortable as a dictator, so I'm asking for the lists'
>// help in the execution of a modified version of section 8d above.
>// In addition to being silenced for abject flaming, you may be sent
>// to a virtual corner to cool off if others on the list think that
>// your behavior warrants such treatment.  In particular, if I receive
>// FIVE complaints about an individual within a span of three days,
>// then that individual will be timed out for one week, SUBJECT TO 
INDIVIDUAL SHOULD BE >//TIMED OUT (or words to that effect). 

This gives Mickey or a successor administrator some flexibility in 
enforcing the time-out without requiring that he police every message; 
the administrator can decline to enforce the time-out if it is being 
used, for instance, to silence an opponent in a debate.

Toward that end, I'd also propose that five people may be a better 
indicator than three that the person has just become too irritating.  
Once people know that this is an option, they will be more willing to 
use it, so five won't be hard to get under the appropriate 


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