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Re: Origin of feathers

> Norton, Patrick wrote:
> >
> > I'm not speculating on the evolution of homeothermy. <snip>
Dann Pigdon wrote:

> Never underestimate the importance of display structures. Many modern
> animals seem to have sacrificed their physical manoueverability in
> the name of display (especially sexual display). It has even been
> said that the permamently swollen breasts of human females is an
> attempt to create a buttock-like cleavage at the front of the
> body as well, specifically as a form of sexual display (and let's
> not mention the fact that human males have the largest relative
> sexual organs of any primate). Both adaptations are probably taking
> advantage of the display potential of a bipedal gait.
>         <snip>

I agree that many organisms sacrifice function for display, but I think
that human female mammary glands are primarily functional.  I do not at
all dispute the fact that they have secondary attributes of great
importance.  With the appropriate hormones human males can also have
breasts.  Genetically, males may have gynecomastia anyway.

Michael Teuton