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women's breasts (way off topic)

Dann wrote:

>> I agree that many organisms sacrifice function for display, but I think
>> that human female mammary glands are primarily functional.  I do not at
>> all dispute the fact that they have secondary attributes of great
>> importance...
>      ...Most mammals only have noticable breasts when they are
>actually feed young. Sure they are functional, but in most cases
>only when they actually have a function to perform...

Enlarged mammae store fat.  I suspect that was the original reason for 
development in this direction.  Male hominids might have keyed on this as 
an indicator of good health.  Why women have relatively more fat than men 
is another matter, but it must help with pregnancy and lactation.  And 
perhaps females didn't need to move as far or fast or stealthily as males, 
so the extra weight was less significant.

Incidentally, display is a function, too.