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Godzilla footprint (was Re: cornering the latex market)

In response to Jim Farlow's request for information, I submit the
following.  As you are no doubt aware, the film, "Godzilla," is being
promoted with the line, "Size matters."  I recently saw a poster on the
side of a bus which added the essential data point that Godzilla's pes was
"as long as this bus."  Mr. Farlow, perhaps this will aid you in your
research and reconstruction work.  Unfortunately, I was in traffic at the
time, so I could not perform any measurements, but this was a standard BART
bus (Bay Area Rapid Transit) in San Francisco, and probably quite
comparable to the bus size observed in your fine city.

Perhaps instead of sculpting a footprint and molding it with latex or
silicone, you should sculpt a "positive" or "natural cast" in mud and cover
it with reinforced cement to produce the "negative" or "track."  You'll
want to make sure that you have the necessary equipment standing by for
turning the footprint over and moving it about.

The standard fabrication method would be to sculpt the "negative" or
"track" directly in fiberglass and cement over a plywood and lathe base, in
the manner used to produce artificial mountains at zoos, natural history
museum dioramas, and theme parks.  (What did you say your budget was?) 
Perhaps Mann's Chinese Theater would like to incorporate one of these
footprints into the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 
When can we look forward to a treatise on _Jurisphagus food consumption
rates of *Godzilla sp.*_?

-- Ralph Miller III     gbabcock@best.com
Finally, a feature dinosaur film tailor-made for serious