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Re: dinosaur mailing list administrative message

From: Bill Adlam <wa105@mead.anglia.ac.uk>

>I think Mickey's aim was to avoid having to decide whether to time 

I thought his aim was to avoid having to police the list in order to 
decide for himself whether to time someone out.  The suggested change 
accomplishes this aim yet prevents blatant misuse of the mechanism by 
thread-enemies.  I think we can generally rely on people not to be too 
peevish but woe to the person who argues forcefully that Tyrannosaurus 
rex was a scavenger!  Zap, three of the young listmembers (who *really* 
don't like that hypo) write to Mickey and there goes new listmember Jack 
Horner, timed out.  

>I think three.  We don't want everyone on the list complaining 

In the environment created by listmember initiated time-outs, that's 
going to be unavoidable to some extent, especially considering that the 
time-out votes will be private, to Mickey only (I assume).  

I don't want to make a big deal out of this, but I just want to focus 
some attention on the possible consequences.

Hmmm.  Will the time-out be publicly announced in order to avoid further 
e-mail on the subject?


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