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Re: [Re: my working hypothesis for body size]

> >If you look at dinosaur body size trends, as I have, I believe you will
> >find that the average herbivorous dinosaur in the late Triassic was about
> >the size of a deer.  By the early Jurassic this had increased to the size
> >of a bison, and by late Jurassic the AVERAGE herbivorous dinosaur was over
> >2 tons!  In the Cretaceous this declines, although herbivorous dinosaurs
> >remain quite large.  Predatory dinosaurs show exactly the same trend, only
> >the numbers are different.
> This decline is somewhat hard to demonstrate.  First off, the largest
> theropods and the largest sauropods known are from the Cretaceous.
Other than _Argentinosaurus_, I've found most Cretaceous sauropods to be rather 
small in size (comparitively) _Alamosaurus_ and Amargosaurus_. 

All the real big sauropods seem to be late Jurassic, like _Ultrasauros_(read: 
real big Brach) and _Seismosaurus_(read: real large Diplo)

Argentinosaurs seem more the exception than the rule.

Archosaur J

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