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Re: cornering the latex market


    1)    Good to see you at DinoFest, thanks for signing my book, even if
you don't remember having beer with myself and Peter Dodson (and others)
several years ago here in Philly.  (I don't remember if you actually drank
the beer).

    2)    According to advertisments seen here (on buses), Godzilla's foot
is "as long as this bus".  The buses in question are standard 'big-city'
type transport buses, not double longs, or bendables.  (I believe the bus
manufacturer was "Flexibil" from Ohio).  [My guess is around 50 feet long -
so you will definitely need new calipers].

    3)    You may be able to find out who created the special effects for
the show (check out "Cinefex" magazine - look for articles and
advertisements).  They may be able to get you a genuine cast of the foot -
maybe even for free (You may need to let them use your name in an
advertisement for their shop - or you may need to publish your comparisons,
mentioning them - might I suggest the 'Journal of Irreproducible Results'?).
[Actually, they might have a copy of the foot cast available for you - just
use your Jedi Knight persuasive charms on them...  :-)].

    Good Luck and good tracking...

        Allan Edels

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To: dinosaur@usc.edu <dinosaur@usc.edu>
Date: Saturday, May 02, 1998 3:08 AM
Subject: cornering the latex market

>     I just saw an ad for the forthcoming Godzilla movie.  I was gratified
>     to see that the beast seems to have a perfectly good tridactyl,
>     theropod foot.  It got me wondering how I might go about measuring
>     Godzilla's pedal phalanges to add them to my dinosaur and bird foot
>     skeleton data base.  I'd probably have to get a custom-made set of
>     calipers.  Judging from the houses shown for scale in the picture of
>     Godzilla's foot, my calipers probably aren't big enough.  Once I get
>     the data, I'll probably have to log-transform the measurements to get
>     them onto the same graphs with my other data without scrunching the
>     other points into an indecipherable blur near the origin.
>     I would also like to make a cast of one of the critter's footprints
>     for my dinosaur and bird footprint collection, but I don't think I
>     budgeted for enough plaster of Paris in my current NSF grant.  It
>     looks like casting one of the big G's prints would require a tad more
>     than I usually use.  Silicone or latex rubber is probably out of the
>     question; too expensive, even for more more conventionally sized large
>     theropod prints.  I could try to slip a purchase order past my
>     departmental chair or the dean.  Hmm.  Maybe even the vice chancellor
>     for financial affairs would go for it.  The university routinely
>     spends money on odder big-ticket items than that.  Maybe we could use
>     a positive made from the cast as a university swimming pool.
>     Some silly thoughts for Friday and Mayday.