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Re: Status of Dinosaur Society

Here is the information I have as of the DinoFest Symposium, when I had a
chance to talk to Don Wohlberg for a few minutes.

Quoting an earlier post of mine:

 >   Information that I have recently received indicates that the Dino
>Society has suspended publications while in the middle of a
>which includes the move here to Phila.  Hopefully, this re-organization
>allow for the continued existence of the Dino Society and its publications.

    Don Wohlberg has apparently taken over the remains of the Dinosaur
Society.  In effect, Don IS the Society.  This jibes with discussions with
Thom Holmes (editor and publications manager), and Peter Dodson (founding
member, and former President of the society).  I suppose if he finds it
profitable to bring the society back from the brink, he will - especially
since he has at least 2 years to the next DinoFest, and won't be
substantially distracted by it.  (Don can still be reached at the Academy of
Natural Sciences of Philadelphia - at least as of last week).

        Any other comments or information, feel free to jump in!

            Allan Edels

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Subject: Status of Dinosaur Society

>Hi! I write a resource column for homeschoolers and wanted to include
>information on the Dinosaur Society, which I found on the Internet. I also
>found  your post about the Society being in the middle of a re-organization
>and a move, with the publications suspended.
>Since I haven't got a response from them by email, and there has been no
>answer when I call either phone number listed on their web site, I was
>wondering if you knew anything more about their status?
>I plan on listing the web site anyway since it's a good resource, but I'm
>just curious what the Society's plans are.
>Thanks for your help!
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