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Re: Diagnoses

At 09:46 AM 5/2/98 PDT, F. Forel wrote:
>I'm looking for some diagnoses that I can't found. I'd like to know
>diagnoses of subdivisions within Tyrannosauridae, Troodontidae,
>Ornithomimosauria and Dromaeosauridae. I'm also confused about the
>Bullatosauria, Spinosauridae & Irritator mess. Where does Archaeornithoides
>fit; and Baryonyx?
>Can someone help?

In group analyses of the theropod groups you mentioned are underway by
several researchers, and should be available in the near future.

There is no "mess" about Bullatosauria, Spinosauridae, and Irritator.
Irritator is almost certainly a spinosaur; Baryonyx DEFINITELY is.
Spinosaurs fall out as basal tetanurines in every single analyses ever
conducted on them.  bullatosaurs they ain't.

And Archaeornithoides...  We'll have to see.  As Charig & Milner have
pointed out, there are VERY few similarities between it and the spinosaurs.

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