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>Brian wrote:
>>>... One was the predator
>>> _Utahraptor_ ("Utah's raptor), a 6-meter (20-foot) killer with sharp-
>>> claws on its forelimbs and feet.  The other was the herbivore
>_Gastonia_, a
>>> one-ton, bony dino-tank."
>>Maybe Rachel just mispoke when she wrote "Bakker couldn't resist sneaking
>>in some of his new names", but weren't these dinos named and described by
>>Jim Kirkland?
>Bakker suggested the name _Utahraptor_, I know that much.
> Bill

Robert Gaston discovered both Gastonia and Utahraptor,
Jim Kirkland described Utahraptor with Don Burge and Rob.
I don't believe Gastonia (which Jim named) has been described
formally yet.