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Re: reopening the can

Bats are NEITHER ectotherms or endotherms; they are facultative
heterotherms (thay can allow their body temperature to decrease if the
ambient temperature drops, so as to conserve energy), and have a
sprawling posture, and are active flyers.

What now?

-Betty Cunningham

Colette H. Adams wrote:
> Archaeopteryx was an endotherm.  This hypothesis is one that I am quite
> confident of, for all kinds of reasons.  Rather than launch into a long
> list of them, I will simply point out that all living ectothermic tetrapods
> have sprawling or partially erect postures.  Far from developing a fully
> erect posture, many such animals have evolved smaller legs, even to the
> point of leglessness.  Even fast, relatively active ectotherms, such as
> whiptail lizards, have relatively short legs that sprawl to the side.  Why?