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Re: Understanding names (long)

You know how it is -you write something and you read it later and realize you 
flubbed up your point somewhere...

Allan is being way too complimentary. I have a long way to go in the knowledge 
department. I don't even put myself in the league of amateur yet!

What I was trying to say in my original post is that technical names and 
descriptions ARE beneficial. However, there are people out there who tend to 
obscure the subject of the paper with the OVER use of jargon or obtuse 
non-technical vocabulary, or make up their own stuff without telling anyone 
what it means. I'm not accusing anyone here of doing this, nor do I have anyone 
on this list in mind. I think that efforts should be made to make things as 
understandable as possible, and not try to use 10- letter words when 
unnecessary. I think that arctometatarsalia is perfectly acceptable. 

> She is not afraid to ask any paleontologist any question that she may have - 
> and can often be seen bending Peter Dodson's or Ted Daeschler's ear for a 
> long time if she
has a connected series of questions.  {Both of them are often very willing to 
listen and teach people like Sherry and myself, etc.}

This part is true! I'm surprised Peter doesn't see me coming and try to hide!  
It's very nice that I'm described as "enthusiastic" when I'm really a bit of a 
spaz. I tried to contain myself at Dinofest. I even resisted the urge to pester 
quite a number of you! I sat right next to a few of you and behaved myself (Dr. 
Farlow, for one). When I did ask questions I tried not to make them an 
interrogation. :) I just get so excited my brain goes into hyperdrive. 

-Sherry Michael