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Re: cornering the latex market

Cinifex is a good source but the GODZILLA issue will not be till AFTER
the movie is released, probably the July issue.  
Since Ken Carpenter is now a published Godzilla expert, perhaps you
might see if he has any foot notes for you.

-Betty Cunningham

Allan Edels wrote:

>     3)    You may be able to find out who created the special effects for
> the show (check out "Cinefex" magazine - look for articles and
> advertisements).  They may be able to get you a genuine cast of the foot -
> maybe even for free (You may need to let them use your name in an
> advertisement for their shop - or you may need to publish your comparisons,
> mentioning them - might I suggest the 'Journal of Irreproducible Results'?).
> [Actually, they might have a copy of the foot cast available for you - just
> use your Jedi Knight persuasive charms on them...  :-)].