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Re: Dinosaur TV Week

In a message dated 98-05-04 03:21:01 EDT, you write:

<< TLC, 10:00pm (1 hr)
 When Pigs Ruled the Earth>>

Wait...wasn't that an episode of the Muppet Show? :-)

<<Lystrosaurs.  I kid you not.  My computer TV database announces that 
 they were "gentle, pig-like dinosaurs!"  Ah, how little computer people 
 know about paleontology. >>

Oh, those are those critters that were hunted by the gentle, dog-like
dinosaurs...the dinosaurs with fur...who gave rise to mammals....
But seriously, thanks for posting this info, Larry, I have a feeling that I'm
going to have a good laugh come Friday... (and Sunday! I wonder if "Land of
the Gorgons" features a bunch of "Clash of the Titans" clips... :-)
That's what those therapsids get for trying to make a showing on dino-
dominated TV...

Christian Kammerer