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Re: [Re: [Re: my working hypothesis for body size]]

th81@umail.umd.edu wrote:
> At 02:57 AM 5/3/98, Archosaur J wrote:
> >> This decline is somewhat hard to demonstrate.  First off, the largest
> >> theropods and the largest sauropods known are from the Cretaceous.
> >===========================================================================
> =================================================================
> >Other than _Argentinosaurus_, I've found most Cretaceous sauropods to be
> rather small in size (comparitively) _Alamosaurus_ and Amargosaurus_. 
> >
> >All the real big sauropods seem to be late Jurassic, like
> _Ultrasauros_(read: real big Brach) and _Seismosaurus_(read: real large Diplo)
> >
> >Argentinosaurs seem more the exception than the rule.
> Let me introduce you to my friends, Argyrosaurus and Antarctosaurus 
> giganteus...
> The enormous size of some of the Argentine sauropods has been long known;
> the Morrison boys simply have some REALLY good press agents.
> Thomas R. Holtz, Jr.
Touche. Titanosaurids simply skipped my mind. 

So then who was larger Argentinosaurus or Seismosaurus?

Archosaur J

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