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Re: Godzilla footprint (esoteric joke)

I should point out here that while Dr. Farlow has yet to cast a footprint of
the green one, such tracks are already being used in stratigraphy.

       _Gozillichnites stompi_ is recognized as one of the primary
indicators of marine godzillichnites facies sediments, which consist of
heavily bioturbated shelf and nearshore sediments. Godzillichnites facies
sediments have been recognized as part of a sedimentary facies sequence
informally identified as the progradational gojiragenic facies sequence.

       Several gojiragenic sequencies have been identified off in the
Western Pacific. The typical sequence is a coarsening upward package
containing up to five discrete overlying facies units, identified as A
through F.

       Unit A consists of pelagic sediments enriched in anthropogenic
uranium and other radioactives.
       Unit B consists of anoxic black shales rich in vertebrate remains,
and is the only environment on earth from which samples of _Godzillasaurus
tokyoensis_ have been recovered.
       Unit C consists of biogenic turbidite sequences.
       Unit D consists of godzillichnites facies shelf and marginal marine
sediments. As noted above, these are heavily bioturbated, with prominant
_Gozdillichnites stompi_ trace fossils.
       Unit E is a moderately radioactive urbanite breccia
       Unit F is variable. Some sequences contain rodanogenic phosphorites,
internal molds of _Mothradomus_ epichnia, refined ore deposits, or chitinous
fossils of unknown origin.
       This sequence is readily recognizeable on borehole logs and 2-D and
3-D seismic. Something like thirty cycles have been documented off the coast
of Japan. It is likely that a sequence stratigraphic model based on this
data may aid Japan in their forthcoming development of nuclear devices for
underwater research.

    Jonathan R. Wagner, Dept. of Geosciences, TTU, Lubbock, TX 79409-1053
                    "...To fight legends." - Kosh Naranek