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Re: Status of Dinosaur Society

Mary, et al:

    Firstly, my appologies for mispelling Don's last name - it should be

    Due to some sort of legal dispute over a screwed-up Jurassic Park
exhibit, the Society sued Don Lessem (I think - someone please correct me if
I have the story wrong!!!!) - I believe they won some $60K, but were
immediately countersued by him for $100K.  Until this mess is more
straightened out, I don't think Don Wolberg will be trying to do musch with
the Society for now.

    If I have gotten the story wrong, someone please correct me - I mean
no-one any harm in what I am sending here - no offense is intended.

    Also, I think Nathan is in Russia, Mary.  (Although he may be back....)

    Allan Edels

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Date: Tuesday, May 05, 1998 3:10 AM
Subject: Re: Status of Dinosaur Society

>In a message dated 5/4/98 3:15:46 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
>edels@email.msn.com writes:
>>      Don Wohlberg has apparently taken over the remains of the Dinosaur
>>  Society.  In effect, Don IS the Society.  This jibes with discussions
>>  Thom Holmes (editor and publications manager), and Peter Dodson
>>  member, and former President of the society).  I suppose if he finds it
>>  profitable to bring the society back from the brink, he will -
>>  since he has at least 2 years to the next DinoFest, and won't be
>>  substantially distracted by it.  (Don can still be reached at the
>>  Natural Sciences of Philadelphia - at least as of last week).
>Another bad sign is that the annual Dinosaur Society Luncheon is not
>mentioned on the list of SVP convention activities this fall at Snow Bird.
>One of our list members, who is affiliated with an obscure software company
>in Redmond, Washington, gave a sizable cash gift at the last luncheon.
>Perhaps he knows the status of the D.S.?