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Re: Origin of feathers

Jaime Headden wrote:
>There is evidence, as I've posted before, to suggest that oviraptors and
birds >had a common ansector [and no, I don't want to get into another
debate ... that >comes later this month.... ;-)].
        Rest easy my friend. Not to whip a dead horse, but for someone to
suggest that birds and oviraptors did *not* share a common ancestor, they
would have to find some way of explaining how life evolved *twice* on this
planet, and how both times animals with bones that look about the same and
appear to have functioned about the same ended up in the same positions
relative to each other within the skeleton. Then explain the association of
both forms with eggs. Then you'd probably be asked to figure out which of
the two entirely seperate trees of life spawned us.
        So, you see, it really is so much simpler (dare I say it... more
parsimonious) to assume that they shared a common ancestor somewhere down
the line. Now as for that common ancestor possessing feathers, well, we'll
just have to see...
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