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Re: Status of Dinosaur Society

As far we know, Don has every plan to resurrect the DS. The below mentioned 
people are currently planning a meeting. I'll let you know what happens.


>>> MKIRKALDY <MKIRKALDY@aol.com> 05/04/98 07:39PM >>>
In a message dated 5/4/98 3:15:46 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
edels@email.msn.com writes:
>      Don Wohlberg has apparently taken over the remains of the Dinosaur
>  Society.  In effect, Don IS the Society.  This jibes with discussions with
>  Thom Holmes (editor and publications manager), and Peter Dodson (founding
>  member, and former President of the society).  I suppose if he finds it
>  profitable to bring the society back from the brink, he will - especially
>  since he has at least 2 years to the next DinoFest, and won't be
>  substantially distracted by it.  (Don can still be reached at the Academy
>  Natural Sciences of Philadelphia - at least as of last week).

Another bad sign is that the annual Dinosaur Society Luncheon is not
mentioned on the list of SVP convention activities this fall at Snow Bird.

One of our list members, who is affiliated with an obscure software company
in Redmond, Washington, gave a sizable cash gift at the last luncheon.  
Perhaps he knows the status of the D.S.?