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new chasmosaurine

Nobody else seems to have mentioned this, so I'll try to remember the
main points.  (Unfortunately my ma-in-law recycled the newspaper in
question, so I can't verify anything.)  A feature article appeared on the
Science page in the Montreal Gazette on Saturday, April 25, reprinted
from the Ottawa Citizen (no date given).  Those with ready web access
might try checking their web pages to see whether the full article
might be posted.

Some years ago, someone (Thompson?) working for one of the Canadian
museums found a chasmosaurine skeleton out in Alberta.  Since it was
"complete" (no percentage given) it was excavated, jacketed, and sent
back to the CMN, where it has been in storage ever since.  A few years
ago when the question of foreleg posture heated up, the discoverer
remembered the skeleton and mentioned it as possibly being of value in
the debate.  It is now being worked on.  It turns out to be a new
species? genus? of chasmosaurine, with a frill curled somewhat "like a
potato chip."  There was a life-restoration picture with the newspaper
article (probably done by someone who does not do a lot of horned-dino
illustration, since the eyes were kinda huge): frill very similar to
C. mariscalensis, except with the lateral edge curved upward; no brow
horns; hefty, moderate-length nasal horn. 

Sorry, that's all I've got, folks.