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Re: cornering the latex market

An outraged Jeff Martz queried:

>     WHAT?  Where did you hear this?  That is really strange.  They 
>to have gone to great lengths to make the new _Godzilla_ look like an
>anatomically correct dinosaur, and it is explicitly stated in several 
>the old _Godzilla_ films (including the original) that _Godzilla_ is a
>dinosaur (also check out Kenneth Carpenter's article in the new 
>Compendium referring it to the Ceratosaurs).  I can't imagine whey they
>would change that; I would think a giant mutated dinosaur would have 
>of a draw then a giant mutated iguana.

Major spoiler alert, mark II.   Read at your own peril.

Jeff, you're obviously too busy reading paleontology texts and other 
such nonsense to keep track of the various internet rumors that should 
in fact occupy most of your waking hours.  (Oh, and I have a source 
that's confirmed all of the below info, who I cannot reveal at this 
time. )

It's a fact.  Godzilla 98 was created by one of those nasty French 
nuclear tests in the South Pacific, in which an entire island was wiped 
out, except for a single irradiated iguana egg which then becomes the 
Big G.  In fact, there's a whole French bad-guy theme in the movie -- 
well, the Japanese series blamed the U.S. for everything . . . .  Jean 
Reno (from The Professional) plays a French agent who tracks Matthew 
Broderick down while Broderick is tracking Godzilla.

Remember that this is a new franchise.  What sense does it make to have 
a dinosaur "awakened" after 65 million years?  Emmerich and Devlin 
thought it'd be somewhat *less* implausible to have Godzilla be a 
mutated extant animal rather than a "reawaked" extinct one.  They also 
had to please Toho, who wanted nuclear disaster to remain a central 
aspect of the movie.

Viola.  Iguana.  One helluva big, odd iguana, to be sure. The movie 
promises to be really stupid a la Independance Day and Stargate, and 
hopefully a good time.

Have a nice day.


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