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Re: Status of Dinosaur Society

Perhaps, lest this become some sort of gossipy speculation, the most
appropriate thing would be to elicit a formal statement from Don

It is no secret, however, that the Society is, to all intents and
purposes, suspended pending a total reorganization from top to bottom.

Various board and former board members have privately expressed and
explained the events leading up to this unfortunate state of things.
Nonetheless, these are private communications and it seems most
appropriate for the spokesperson for the organization to explain what
the organization itself plans to do.

I'm sure all of the various list and/or Paleo Ring members with
publications or websites would be happy to post a statement from The
Dinosaur Society. We certainly would.


> In a message dated 5/4/98 3:15:46 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
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> >      Don Wohlberg has apparently taken over the remains of the Dinosaur
> >  Society.  In effect, Don IS the Society.  SNIPPED

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