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Re: cornering the latex market

> Concerning the hindfoot of Godzilla, need I point out that the upcoming  
> Godzilla is NOTa dinosaur, but rather a mutated iguana.  The pes is an 
> example of analogy rather than homology, I fear.

     WHAT?  Where did you hear this?  That is really strange.  They seem
to have gone to great lengths to make the new _Godzilla_ look like an
anatomically correct dinosaur, and it is explicitly stated in several of
the old _Godzilla_ films (including the original) that _Godzilla_ is a
dinosaur (also check out Kenneth Carpenter's article in the new Godzilla
Compendium referring it to the Ceratosaurs).  I can't imagine whey they
would change that; I would think a giant mutated dinosaur would have more
of a draw then a giant mutated iguana.

LN Jeff