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Re: uninformed question

Jack wrote:
>I know that there is an obturator process on the ischium, what if this
extends >up to contact the puboischiac plate forming a foramen?  
        General question: does anyone else get the impression that the
ischial obturator notch (or whatever it is we're talking about) has to be
open before some folks will call the ischial lamella an "obturator process",
and it doesn't matter how well developed and seperated from the ischial
shaft said lamella is. I haven't read Charig and Milner 1997 in a while, but
they seemed to imply this.

>Thanks in advance.  Feel free to ridicule as long as you give me the
>answer as well.  
        Although I have recently been publically accused of treating people
like they are stupid, I must say this isn't stupid at all.This is one of the
more useful questions on the list of late, beating out that paleontologist
of the century thread by a mile. Keep up the good work!
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