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Re: Origin of feathers

TomHopp wrote:
> Regarding our "Brooding came first" concept for wing feather elongation,
>     I think too much anthropomorphic emphasis has been placed on the use of
> hands by theropods.  Look on either side of theropods for examples and you
> will find that hands are used minimally in prey-capture.  Crocodiles capture
> prey mouth-first, as do lizards.  On the other side, birds are mouth-first
> grabbers, as well.  Why invoke something for which there are few or no
> examples to explain dinosaur predation?  
> Tom Hopp


Although many birds do hunt "mouth first", a number of birds hunt
primarily "feet first" as in falcons, hawks, owls, and other birds that
stoop.   Once prey is captured, the mouth is then brought into play.

Bill Hinchman