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re: cornering the latex market

In a message dated 5/5/98 3:19:05 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
larrydunn@hotmail.com writes:
 >  Remember that this is a new franchise.  What sense does it make to have 
>  a dinosaur "awakened" after 65 million years?  Emmerich and Devlin 
>  thought it'd be somewhat *less* implausible to have Godzilla be a 
>  mutated extant animal rather than a "reawaked" extinct one.  They also 
>  had to please Toho, who wanted nuclear disaster to remain a central 
>  aspect of the movie.

"Will Japan embrace a leaner, meaner Godzilla"
(from The Hollywood Reporter, by Wayne Karrfalt) 
"But marketing the state-of-the-art, digitally enhanced lizard - known as 
Gojira in Japan - may not be as easy as it seems. Sony's nuclear-hatched 
creature is a very different animal from the Godzilla that Japanese audiences 
grew up with and have seen in 22 films so far." 

"Compared with the benevolent friend of man depicted in recent Toho 
flicks, this Godzilla is a killer. He's also fast. Rather than lumbering 
through towns, the new creature can outrun helicopters on slimmed-down 

Recalling the T. rex vs. paleontologists foot-race of last year, I wonder
how they would fare against Godzilla?