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Re: random ramblings

I wrote:
<"Non-experts don't make substantial contributions to the science anyway, so
<why should the names be geared towards them rather to the people who are
<actually going to use it (and know what it means)?">

Roger wrote:
<Amatuers make very important and continuing contributions to this science.  
<So, don't take this personally, but you're just flat-out wrong.  Not a
<personal attack, just a clarification of incorrect thinking.>

Of course, you're right.  I humbly retract that stupid blanket statement.  
Sorry if I offended anyone.
I considered restating it, because I meant "non-experts" as in regular, 
non-paleo people, not just non-professionals.
AND I meant "contributions" as in papers in which the technical names matter.  
But of cousre
there are so many exceptions to this (many of them on this list!).  So now I 
just want to take it back all the way.

SORRY!!! : )