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Re: cornering the latex market

>It's a fact.  Godzilla 98 was created by one of those nasty French 
>nuclear tests in the South Pacific, in which an entire island was wiped 
>out, except for a single irradiated iguana egg which then becomes the 
>Big G.  In fact, there's a whole French bad-guy theme in the movie -- 
>well, the Japanese series blamed the U.S. for everything . . . .  Jean 
>Reno (from The Professional) plays a French agent who tracks Matthew 
>Broderick down while Broderick is tracking Godzilla.

Too bad.  I have a special place in my heart for the old-fashioned 
"Suitamation" Godzilla, and I would have been more impressed with a more 
accurate theropod model.  Well, I'll probably enjoy the movie anyway.


Rob Meyerson

"Oh my God!  They've killed Kenny!"
              -South Park