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Re: Discovery Impact Programs

Rob Meyerson wrote:
> Last night, the Discovery Channel ran their programs on asteroid/comet 
> impacts all night long.  In the middle of one of them, the narrator made a 
> claim that I have not heard before (and severely doubt).  The program claimed 
> that the Deccan Traps Vulcanism (although the region was not named, but it 
> was clear what they were talking about) started *because* of the Chixculub 
> Impact.  They claimed that the shock from the asteroid collision disrupted 
> plate boundaries and induced massive vulcanism.  Is

Well, they're wrong. Sankar Chatterjee and Dhira Rudra wrote a paper on
this in the Gondwana Symposium volume. Basiclly they said the impact
accured during the Deccan Traps and was not the cause of it.