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Re: Understanding names (and abbreviations!)

Someone wrote:

>>there are people out there who tend to obscure the subject of the paper   
with the OVER use of jargon or obtuse non-technical vocabulary.<<

Speaking of obtuse, non-technical vocabularies--it took me days to figure   
out what the heck "IMHO" meant. I finally came across an annotated   
dictionary of e-mail abbreviations. I'm not advocating for or against the   
use of this particular type of jargon, it's just nice to know what it all   
means!  Here's a few of the more common ones, although ISTAMM (I'm sure   
there are many more!)

>>AFAIK: "As far as I know."
BTW: "By the way."
FWIW: "For what it's worth."
HTH: "Hope this helps." (Frequently used sarcastically.)
IIRC: "If I remember correctly."
IMHO: "In my humble opinion."  (The opinion then expressed is rarely    
ISTR: "I seem to recall/remember."
OTOH: "On the other hand."
TIA: "Thanks in advance."  (What for?  I ignored you completely!)
YHL: "You have lost."
HAND: "Have a nice day."<<