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In response to this statement:

>> there are people out there who tend to obscure the subject of the paper
>> with the OVER use of jargon or obtuse non-technical vocabulary.<<

Patrick Norton wrote:

> Speaking of obtuse, non-technical vocabularies--it took me days to figure
> out what the heck "IMHO" meant. I finally came across an annotated
> dictionary of e-mail abbreviations. I'm not advocating for or against the
> use of this particular type of jargon, it's just nice to know what it all
> means!  Here's a few of the more common ones, although ISTAMM (I'm sure
> there are many more!)
> AFAIK: "As far as I know."
> BTW: "By the way."
> FWIW: "For what it's worth."
> HTH: "Hope this helps." (Frequently used sarcastically.)
> IMHO: "In my humble opinion."  (The opinion then expressed is rarely
> humble.)
> ISTR: "I seem to recall/remember."
> OTOH: "On the other hand."
> YHL: "You have lost."
> HAND: "Have a nice day."

I really have to publicly protest this post, since it is the straw that
broke the camel's back. It seems to me that there's been way too much of
this kind of inappropriate mail lately, and it is a further waste of my
time and the time of other list members that I have to write *this* letter
and they then have to read it. The above post is nothing more than
junkmail, as it has absolutely nothing whatsoever to with dinosaurs, the
ostensible subject of this mailing list. I politely ask all list members to
please make an effort to censor themselves before sending this type of
message to the list. If you need to say something like this, post it
directly to the person who wrote the initial message, not to the list. I'm
here to learn about and discuss dinosaurs, not read a useless post about
email acronyms.

Apologies all around,

Brian (franczak@ntplx.net)