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Re: Deccan Traps (Re: Discovery Impact Programs)

The following was all written by Jarno Peschier (except for the header
information which was written by computers and the quoted region which
was written by Rob Meyerson).  Please try to keep track of who wrote
what when replying!  As for the content, let me beat Tom to the
punch and say that you guys ought to look at the archives... we've
been here before.

-- MPR

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From: "Jarno Peschier" <jarno@nedstat.nl>
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Subject: Deccan Traps (Re: Discovery Impact Programs)
Date: Wed, 6 May 1998 10:39:10 +0200

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From: Rob Meyerson <rjmeyer@ix.netcom.com>
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Date: woensdag 6 mei 1998 11:09
Subject: Discovery Impact Programs

> The program claimed that the Deccan Traps Vulcanism (although the
> region was not named, but it was clear what they were talking about)
> started *because* of the Chixculub Impact.  They claimed that the
> shock from the asteroid collision disrupted plate boundaries and
> induced massive vulcanism.  Is this merely
> "sensationalist-catastophism" or is there actual evidence to back up
> these statements?

Yes, if I remember correctly, there is. I followed a tiny course in
planetary geology (don't ask me why, since I'm a computer scientist now
;-)), and there this theory was mentioned. It sort of goes like this: the
Deccan Traps are (almost?) completely antipodal to the Chixculub impact. The
shockwaves from the impact, "running around" the Earths crust could have
been amplifying eachother by interference exactly there and cause geological
results like the Deccan Traps to form.

Evidence for similar structures exist on Mercury (Or was it another of the
inner planet? This is from memory only!), where the remains of a huge impact
crater are still visible with a region of great geological disturbance
directly antipodal as well. So the actual evidence you ask about would be on
another planet, but still in existance.

Jarno Peschier

P.S. I hope this makes it to the list too, either directly or via the kind
help of our lovable list manager...

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