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Transitional Species?

Hello, I'm a first time poster who only dabbles as a fan of paleontology
without having much actual grounding in the sciences and zoology of the past.
(I had to look up what a chasmosaur was. :P )

However, I had been turned onto this list by a fellow debater against a
creationist, and one of his strongest arguments happens to be in the dearth of
fossils of transitional species.  Personally, I think this might just be his
little blind spot, but who better to ask about this than a group of
paleontology fans.  Especially since I have read about the kangaroo crocs and
protomammals in Bakker's The Dinosaur Heresies.  However, without a direct
reference on hand, I don't want to go off on a vague point without some
supportive evidence.

Any help, gentlemen?

Not that I expect there to be that many transitional specie fossils out there
anyhow.  Given the conditions needed for fossilization are rare instances of
near instant burial, and the Earth's surface has ground up thousands of
fossils merely with seismic activity, let alone industrialization's
assistance, the fossil record is hardly a complete novel.  More like extant
issues of a comic book with a long running storyline, but you only are able to
find one in four back issues.

Douglas P. Wojtowicz, who also admits he's been enjoying the Godzilla stuff as
well.  Hard to believe an iguana foot was that decidedly theropod lookin' foot
from the trailer.

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