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iridium -Reply

This is a misnderstanding. No onesaid the earth had a pure iridium layer at
the K-T.  Only that there was a lot of iridium in the few inches of material
in the K-T boundary. For a popular treatment, see "T.rex and the Crater of
Doom" by Walter Alvarez.  You can make the calculation yourself.  Whats
the area of the surface of the earth? Look it up because I don't know. 
Then figure the iruidium to whatever depth you want.  Then multiply that
depth by the surface area and you have the volume of iridium needed to
do what you want... but it ain't that way.  Where's the "K C boundary"


>>> Earl Wood <candles@jps.net> 05/06/98 11:28pm >>>
     I would like to know if anyone has calculated the amount of Iridium
needed to
cover the entire earths surface , at the depth associated with the K C
boundary ? and if so does anyone have these figures , or a reference
that would be available to Joe citizen ?

     Thanks Much !!
     Earl Wood